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Road to Recovery Road to Recovery, the only non-profit organization in the United States that offers compassionate counseling and referral services to survivors of clergy sexual abuse. Founded by two priest advocates, Fr. Robert M. Hoatson and Fr. Kenneth E. Lasch (himself a survivor of abuse), Road to Recovery assists survivors with their emotional, psychological, financial, and spiritual needs as they attempt to recover from the effects of clergy sexual abuse.

Dr. Les Barbanell, Psychologist He treats (adult) individuals, and couples and therapy groups. He has a general practice and treats a range of problems that include depression, anxiety, panic, and personality disorders. A published author on a variety of subjects and a member of the New Jersey Psychological Associaton and Diplomate American Psychotherapy Association.

Enough Abuse Campaign The Enough Abuse Campaign is a grassroots movement that is gaining momentum across Massachusetts.  We are providing adults and communities with the knowledge and skills they need to put an end to the silence.  And eventually, the epidemic.

New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault Has steered successful campaigns for increased state funding to Rape Crisis Programs, improved access to criminal courts for survivors of sexual violence and to continue to advocate for the enhancement of the over-all health and criminal justice response to sexual assault.

Stop Abuse Campaign Missioned to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of those involved within 25 years.

MaleSurvivor Committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.