For Pete's Sake
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'For Pete's Sake'
September 28, 2012 By Amber Gallery, nytheatre
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Go See 'For Pete's Sake'!
September 24, 2012 By Samantha Ray, Stop Abuse Campaign
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See "For Pete's Sake" for Pete's sake!
October 15, 2012 By Clayton Moser
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Looking for Laughs in a Tale of Tragedy
September 27, 2012 By Mike Kelly,
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Play Explores Pain of Hiding Clergy Sex Abuse
December 4, 2008 By John Chadwick,
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Harry and Pete
December 7, 2008 By David Dekok, By The River
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Raising a Curtain
May 11, 2009 By Mike Kelly, Daily Record
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For Pete’s Sake, What happened at Penn State and What can we do about it?
November 24, 2011 By TheCollegeFootballGirl
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“I have seen ‘For Pete’s Sake’ twice now and each time I have seen this emotional, revealing and empowering performance I am blown away. You’ll want to laugh, you’ll want to cry, you’ll be moved and want to make a difference…It needs to be seen by many so that an open platform for constructive dialogue, change and healing can be shared.”
Danelle B. NYC

“For Pete’s Sake is a powerful and poignant depiction of the effects of clergy sexual abuse on its victims…The writing is brilliant and the acting leaves the audience humbled, mesmerized and forever changed by what they see. I hope to see it on a Broadway stage someday.”
Fr. Bob Hoatson (Founder/President, Road to Recovery)

“Thank you so much for the play. It expressed everything that I cannot find a way to express or relate to others. My family seeing the play was big step in the healing process.”
Brian E., NJ

"The writing is so nimble. It’s astonishing… It is fearless and in that, makes us face so much in ourselves."
Lucia M., Boston, MA